Capture Bunker (hilarious)

Capture Bunker (Humor) – Can Capture Managers, Proposal Managers, and Proposal Teams Relate?

They have blocked the video. Bummer – it was sooo good!

Various scenes from Constantin Film’s movie, Downfall, about the final days of Hitler, had been used for over two years as the basis for hundreds of internet video parodies of Hitler’s rants, featuring subjects as different as Michael Jackson’s death and Scott Brown’s election. Citing copyright infringement, Constantin Film requested that YouTube, the main venue for these parodies, remove them from its site. YouTube acquiesced to this request, and on 19 April 2010, began to remove the Hitler ‘Downfall’ Parodies, even though parodies fall under “Fair Use” and are not generally considered copyright infringement.

Written by Olessia Smotrova-Taylor, AF. APMP, President ad CEO of OST Global Solutions, Inc., a business development, capture, and proposal management company that helps businesses grow in the federal market. Olessia has won more than $18 billion for her clients, and helped many small businesses acquire game-changing opportunities. She started working on IDIQs 11 years ago, including working on Task Orders exclusively for 5 years managing a $450 million/year IDIQ. She has won a few dozen IDIQs and Task Orders over the course of her career. She is the President of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) National Capital Area (NCA) chapter, and a well-known speaker and author. She has developed and taught a graduate course in proposal development at NASA for the Stevens Institute of Technology. Prior to founding OST, she won business for Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, and wrote for the Financial Times of London. Olessia can be reached at or at 301-384-3350.
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    Here’s the link to the video that works (hopefully)

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