Proposal Solution Development Workshop: Win themes, management and risk sections, past performance, resumes, technical volumes

Develop killer win themes, engaging management and risk sections, prominent past performance references and resumes, and outstanding technical volumes using our proven-to-win techniques, templates, and checklists by attending our workshop—Proposal Solution Development: Win Themes, Management, Risk, Past Performance, Resumes, Technical Volumes, on November 17-18, 2011 in Rockville, MD.

This course focuses on developing solutions, including concepts of operations (CONOPS), and explores in detail the type of content that goes into compliant, compelling proposal sections. It starts with a way to focus your overall proposal and its sections through compelling win themes. You then get hands-on experience developing solutions for some of the most frequently requested proposal sections, and learn guidelines for the type of content that goes into them. This course illustrates the content techniques many companies use to win.

By the end of the class, you will know how to focus your solution development sessions to reduce brainstorming time, ensure comprehensive solution development, and present your solution in the most favorable light. This course is ideal for capture managers, proposal managers, proposal writers, and anyone else who contributes to developing proposal section content. It is for those who are looking to dive deep to integrate this material and then take their proposals to the next level, ensuring higher win probability.

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P.S. We are also holding a breakfast briefing together with PilieroMazza, a local law firm specializing in government contracts practice, on Developing a Winning Capture Strategy and Avoiding Legal Pitfalls (Nov. 1, 2011). For details please go to

Written by Olessia Smotrova-Taylor, CF. APMP Fellow and President/CEO of OST Global Solutions, Inc., a business development, capture, and proposal management company that helps businesses grow in the federal market. Over the course of her career, Olessia has won a few dozen IDIQs and Task Orders, helped her clients win more than $18 billion in government contracts, and assisted many small businesses in acquiring game-changing opportunities. She has worked on IDIQs for over 11 years, 5 of which she spent focused exclusively on Task Orders while managing a $450 million/year IDIQ. Prior to founding OST, Olessia won business for Raytheon and Lockheed Martin and wrote for the Financial Times of London. She has become a well-known speaker, author and educator and is now the President of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) National Capital Area (NCA) chapter. In addition to writing How to Get Government Contracts: Have a Slice of the $1 Trillion Pie, Olessia developed and taught a graduate course in proposal development at NASA for the Stevens Institute of Technology. She also leads a variety of business development, capture and proposal writing training workshops at OST throughout the year. Olessia can be reached at or at 301-384-3350.


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