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How to win government contracts

Federal Business Development and Proposal Management Blog by OST!

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Self-study proposal training and reusable professional tools:


proposal training for winning govrnment contracts, capture management training, federal business development for small businesses

Blueprint for Winning Government Proposals for Small Businesses
(comprehensive course with videos, manuals, slides, processes maps - instant download option!)



task order proposals manual template

Task Order Manual Template (reusable professional toolset - instant download!)



proposal training executive summary for federal proposals course, proposal writing training

Executive Summary Secrets (manual and audio)



proposal training, government proposals counsultants classes

Six Strategies to Grow Aggressively in the Federal Market
(video course - instant download!)



proposal training, government proposals counsultants classes

How to Succeed as a Proposal Consultant
(video course - instant download!)



proposal training and proposal development tools, proposal manager training

A Proposal Manager’s Essential Checklists
(reusable professional toolset)



proposal training, federal proposals books

Proposal Resources Estimating Guide (professional toolset-guide)




For more details on these courses and tools please go to self-study courses page.


Upcoming Proposal Development Training
Learn From the Industry Finest and Make Your Proposal a Winner

<Scroll down to see the schedule>

proposal training workbooksNot all training is the same. Our courses are based on five principles that make them different from any others in the market:

  1. Continuously updated content based on the latest best practices and trends – we don’t teach stale proposal principles from the last few decades – we build on what has worked for years, but continuously adjust the practices to the changing procurement realities and competitive landscape.
  2. Participants getting much more than process – receiving the most sophisticated and detailed tools, shortcuts, exact how-to instructions, and secrets of how to win.
  3. Materials with embedded multimedia and graphics-rich animated slides, complete with hands-on exercises and discussions using the most effective adult learning techniques, to aid in better understanding and retention.
  4. Valuable insights through instructors who are practicing, pedigreed proposal professionals, to answer tough questions instead of just delivering teaching material, to tailor the material to your specific challenges, and to share their experience based on the most current realities.
  5. Each course’s curriculum builds on other courses, to provide systematic and comprehensive understanding of the profession.

Our classroom seminars and workshops (one to two-day long) delivered as interactive classes conducted at our training facility in Rockville, Maryland. These classes are run by highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors, who are considered as industry leaders, and provide in-depth, hands-on training on all aspects of the government acquisition process. Classroom training includes copies of all slides, with detailed instructions, checklists, and templates. All class times are in Eastern Standard Time (US). Our classes provide 3 CEUs towards APMP accreditation, or 3 PDUs towards PMP accreditation. You will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion upon completion of the classroom training. NOTE: You can take any class remotely as well – we have webcasting capability. Please send us an email at service@ostglobalsolutions.com if you'd like to attend a class via live webcast (date and time will be the same as the classroom training).



On-site corporate proposal training: If you don't find class that suits your schedule, consider us for on-site corporate training at your company, or for a webinar for your dispersed workforce if you have multiple locations. Call us at 301-384-3350 to discuss your proposal training needs. 







Win Themes Development Workshop

The course walks you through the purpose of win themes and their building blocks. Then, it advances the learning beyond the mere mechanics to the inner core of win themes. It shows how to design win themes that deeply touch the customers exactly where and how it is necessary, in order to become memorable and influence them to select your company.


Foundations of Federal Business Development

Gain understanding of the basics of Federal Business Development (BD) lifecycle, and learn how to navigate the U.S. Government market place, perform strategic BD planning, market analysis, federal marketing, pipeline development, opportunity qualification, and maximize your win probability.

Foundations of Capture Management

Arm yourself with real knowledge and tools you can apply immediately to capturing contracts. Master techniques for customer engagement, intelligence gathering, win strategy development, competitive analysis, teaming, solution development, and more. This is an interactive 2-day workshop that is 40 percent lecture, 50 percent exercises, and 10 percent discussion. It will teach you real skills to raise win probability of the government contracts you pursue.


Foundations of Proposal Management

This course offers a rich toolbox of the most sophisticated best practices-based techniques and tools for every step of the way. It is an interactive 2-day workshop that is 40 percent lecture, 50 percent exercises, and 10 percent discussion. It is built around a hands-on proposal development simulation exercise to practice, discuss, and integrate each step of the proposal process.


Writing Persuasive Government Proposals

This unique course shows how to develop compliant and highly persuasive proposal sections in at least half the time that it would normally take. It covers detailed methods for outlining within the sections, developing section content, infusing proper structure and flow, and implementing correct writing processes and section planning techniques.


How to Develop Proposal Outlines and Compliance Matrices

A compliant and high-scoring proposal starts with a well-thought-out outline. This course dives into the intricacies of developing proposal outlines, annotating these outlines, preparing compliance and cross-reference matrixes, and preparing storyboards or work packages the right way. It starts with analyzing different types of Requests for Proposal (RFP) and Requests for Quote (RFQ) formats to show how various customers may organize the requirements.


Developing a Winning Cost Volume

Manage the cost volume effectively and maximize your win probability. This course offers practical tools for proposal managers on everything from cost volume basics to process, data calls, assumptions, compelling cost volume narrative, WBS, BOEs, price to win, and cost strategies.


Advanced Capture Management

This course takes capture management to the next level - what does it take to maximize win probability; mastermind the most effective win strategy using cutting edge techniques; masterfully facilitate brainstorming sessions such as Black Hats, win strategy sessions, and CONOPS workshops; perform advanced competitive analysis; create advantageous teaming arrangements; apply formulas to solution development; and much more. The course also focuses on measuring and improving cost-efficiency and effectiveness of the capture team.


Preparing Winning Multiple Award and Task Order Proposals

Everything you need to know to prepare winning multiple award contracts (IDIQ, GWAC, MAC, MAS, BPA, etc.) and the task order proposals that follow. This class will show you how to dominate task order competition and become the number one winner to maximize earnings from your IDIQs.

Advanced Proposal Management

This class covers a spectrum of the most important topics, from preparing for a proposal effort and making a bid-no-bid decision, to orchestrating a great proposal kickoff, driving subject matter experts to produce winning content, exhibiting superb leadership and management skills, optimizing proposal team performance, getting the most from the proposal color reviews, and mitigating proposal risks at every stage to reduce stress and increase win probability.

Proposal Editing Workshop

The polished, professional appearance of your proposal is paramount to making a positive impression on evaluators. This course covers everything from developing the professional attributes of an editor, to estimating your workload correctly, figuring out the optimum workflow, integrating changes, and adding value to the content you’ve edited through adding compelling language while removing irrelevancies and puffed-up text, sniffing out showstopper mistakes, translating technicalese to English, and enforcing consistent style.

Desktop Publishing for Proposal Professionals

This workshop teaches valuable skills in designing, laying out, and publishing proposals—presenting your company’s offer in the most professional light to the proposal evaluators.

Proposal Graphics Conceptualization and Design Workshop

This course provides information on everything necessary to come up with the graphics idea that conveys your solution in a customer-centric way to contribute to the persuasive power of your proposal, and ensure that your graphics have a professional look and feel.


Advanced Business Development

Get beyond the basics and supercharge your business development capabilities and potential in OST’s all-new, participative and immersive Advanced Business Development Course. Best practices are nuanced, involved and constantly changing. This is the place to stay on top of your game with improved skills, methods and understanding.



For additional questions please call 301-384-3350 during normal business hours. If you'd like to pay by invoice please send an email to service@ostglobalsolutions.com (NOTE: the payment must be received prior to the course start date).



P. S. If you think of someone else who could benefit from this course, please forward this invitation to them!



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Those who attend our classes come from large, mid-size, and small businesses, as well as government agencies: 


BAE Systems
Boeing Company
Bosh Global Services
Canyon Consulting
CBAI & Associates
Concept Plus, LCC
Cooperthomas, LLC
DEQUE Systems Inc.
Exceed Corporations
FLIR Systems
Harris GCSD
Harris IT Services
IBA Corporation
IDI, Inc.
IMR, Inc.
IntegriGuard, LLC
J&E Associates, Inc.
Keane Federal Syst.
KMC Mining Corp.
Lockheed Martin
ManTech, Inc.
MTCI, Inc.
Millennium Corp.
Morgan Franklin
MVM, Inc.
net.America Corp
NPC, Inc.
Odyssey Systems
Potomac Fusion
Praemittias Systems
Proposals Plus Now
Rapier Solutions
Rockwell Collins
Self-Cynnovate, llc.
Sotera Defense
Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT)
Tactical Air Support
Technica Corporation
The Ross Group Construction Corp.
Travel Port
Zolon Tech, Inc.

and more.



Download OST's:

  • TRAINING and CERTIFICATION CATALOG for capture, proposal, and business development professionals to learn more about the available training and professional certification options.
  • UPCOMING public CLASSES brochure to get the schedule of the classes for you and your colleagues to attend.
  • ON-SITE TRAINING brochure to bring the most practical and effective training programs to your company and get the training designed specifically for your needs and goals.


Our customers about our proposal training:


“Your proposal approach and methodologies worked! We were selected as one of the ACT IDIQ winners for the Air Force Research Laboratory! It was a lot of work, but, we turned in an outstanding proposal! We took a proposal writing and the IDIQ courses from you last year. Our story was a success because of your expertise and the education you shared with us. Thanks for all of the insight.”

Scott D. Souva, Corporate Capture Manager, Assured Information Security, Inc. 


“Great job! OST continues to prove that you can teach an "old dog" (me!) new tricks! The content and presentation style are first-rate”

Mark Brown, CMP, Business Development Consultant 


“The proposal training class is really good. Probably one of the best classes I have attended in years. The instructor is well prepared and knows her stuff. The course is packed with content and we barely had time for breaks; but I really did not feel the need to stop. Wish you were here!”

Brian Giroux
FLIR Government Systems
North Billerica, MA 


Wonderful course [Winning Government Proposals]! I will definitely recommend OST Global Solutions to all my coworkers.”
Charles E. Thomas, Jr.
ASRC Federal



"OST Global Solutions classes and webinars hit the mark every time. The curriculum is focused on the needs of business development professionals in a hyper-competitive marketplace. They not only identify the most common pitfalls, but also demonstrate in detail just how to write winning proposal sections."
Ciro Pinto-Coelho
Director, Strategy&BD
Raytheon Company


"Thank you for the terrific series on Capture. I can honestly say that prior to your training I had no understanding of the concept or process of Capture and now I have far greater understanding. I will certainly take more of your courses and build upon the knowledge that you have helped me develop."
Richard Krafsig
Business Development
TCS Associates



"Even though I have been a proposal professional for several years, I have never failed to learn something new, or something that reinforced experiences that I have had with many clients. The guidance provided was right on target; it will enhance the value of future proposals prepared by colleagues and me. In fact, I wish that the many proposals that I had to review while serving in Government (former SES) had been prepared with OST' s guidance."
Don Ehreth
donEHRETH Consulting Proposal Professional


"Outstanding techniques and tips, especially with regard to gaining "customer intimacy." I am seeking to get my colleagues onboard with the training."
Kristina Grist

Business Development
Northrop Grumman


"Every topic was on target. By incorporating the lessons learned, I produced a proposal that was compliant, clear, and compelling."
Patti Cleveland


"The whole program has been great. Being new to a position of a dedicated proposal manager, I have found a lot of good information in these materials and presentations. I will use the materials in preparation for our next proposal effort."
David R. Sandt
Proposal Manager
Pyramid Services, Inc


"Your webinar was an excellent, practical foundation of how to go about organizing and streamlining both myself and my colleagues. The way in which you have presented the tools and processes helps spark creative ideas for how we can tackle various aspects of the process, since we don't have significant resources to put towards the effort."
Geiselle Thompson
Director of IT and Federal Government Programs
QSS Government Solutions



To read more testimonials about our training and services please go to testimonials page.