I am three-quarters of the way finished with my brand new book, Writing Dynamite Executive Summaries. It covers in detail the mistakes people make with the executive summaries and provides the detailed “how-to” solution for writing great executive summaries that set the right tone for your proposals.

I am having tons of fun illustrating the workbook with cartoons using my new 9×12 Wacom tablet. It is too cool – it plugs into my laptop with a USB cord, and has a pen that I use to draw on it. I use a PowerPoint review function called “inking” to create the cartoons. No scanning involved – it’s a doze of pure instant gratification. The tablet is great for remote brainstorming on proposals when paired with GoToMeeting or a similar tool.

My husband is a gem for taking care of the kids all by himself while I am at it. I am so grateful to him.

This is a rainy Sunday, and it is a perfect day for some creative work. Hope you are enjoying it as well.

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