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Master AI to Enhance BD, Capture, & Proposal Processes

Master AI to Enhance BD, Capture, & Proposal Processes

This course empowers BD professionals in government contracting to utilize AI for improved bid flow, decision-making, and risk-reduced, compelling proposals.

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Foundations of Proposal Management Training Featured Image

Foundations of Proposal Management

This training offers essential skills in managing government proposals, covering RFP analysis, development stages, agile principles, and various team reviews.

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Master AI to Enhance BD, Capture, & Proposal Processes

Proposal Graphics Conceptualization & Design

This course teaches creating compelling proposal graphics, covering brainstorming, design principles, and visualization techniques for government customer engagement.

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Using Color Reviews for Government Cost Proposals

Competitive Analysis: Black Hat & Price to Win (PTW)

This training focuses on Black Hat and Price to Win analyses, key to competitive government proposal strategies, including SWOT and labor rate analysis.

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Master AI to Enhance BD, Capture, & Proposal Processes

How to Develop a Compliant Proposal

This course teaches creating compliant, high-scoring proposals through detailed outlines, matrices, storyboards, and analyzing RFP and RFQ formats..

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Our Next Advanced Proposal Management Class is on October 18th and 19th Featured Image

Advanced Proposal Management

This class addresses key aspects of proposal preparation, team management, risk mitigation, and enhancing team cost-efficiency to increase win probability.

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Competitive Analysis Black Hat Price To Win PTW Featured Image

Desktop Publishing for Proposal Professionals

This course focuses on using Microsoft Word for desktop publishing of government proposals, enhancing presentation and design for professional Federal submission.

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Proposal Theme Statements & Win Strategy Training

This training focuses on developing persuasive win themes and strategies, essential for government capture management, covering their types and applications.

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Foundations of Federal Business Development Training Class By OST Global Solutions Inc Featured Image

Foundations of Federal Business Development

This training provides skills in business development for government contractors, covering the federal BD process, and basics of U.S. Government business.

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Dealing with Stalled Opportunities in the Pipeline Photo

Advanced Capture Management

The course enhances skills in government contract capture, focusing on customer engagement, intelligence, win strategies, and competitive analysis techniques.

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Landmark Court Ruling Disrupts $15B Polaris Evaluation, Signals Changes in Government Contracting

Writing Persuasive Government Proposals

This course teaches efficient, persuasive proposal writing, focusing on compliance, content development, structure, and persuasion techniques for government bids.

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Important Update on DLA JETS 2.0 Solicitation: Amendment and Extended Proposal Deadline

Foundations of Capture Management

This class teaches effective strategies and tools for capturing government contracts, enhancing win probability, and practical application through hands-on exercises.

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Master the Art of Orals Your Guide to Winning Federal Contract Presentations

Winning Government Cost Proposals

This course teaches government contract pricing, cost volume creation, strategy, and techniques to enhance win probability in federal proposals.

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ow To Win Oral Proposals - On-Demand Training Now Available

Proposal Editing Workshop

This class offers professional editing skills specific to government proposals, enhancing proposal quality and win probability, beyond basic English grammar.

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