Proposal Color Reviewer Workshop

In the competitive world of proposal submissions, the distinction between winning and losing often hinges on the thoroughness of the review process. 

The Proposal Color Reviewer Workshop is designed to elevate the skills of your staff who are involved in proposal reviews, so that they help improve the win probability (Pwin) of your proposals.

The workshop zeroes in on the Pink Team and Red Team reviews for a reason. The Pink Team review is your early warning system, ensuring your proposal aligns with the solicitation requirements and sets a solid foundation for your win strategy. The Red Team review then acts as the critical line of defense, rigorously evaluating the proposal to predict and improve how it might score with evaluators.

In the rush to meet proposal deadlines, it’s easy to overlook the importance of a thorough review process. This workshop is designed to change that mindset. It’s focused, practical, and grounded in the real-world needs of proposal development teams. Participants will leave with actionable insights on conducting effective reviews that make a real difference in proposal quality. Your team will not only understand the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ behind each review consideration and will learn how to give actionable feedback. It’s about more than just catching errors; it’s about enhancing the strategic approach to your proposals, making each submission the best possible representation of your capabilities.

This course fully integrates AI capabilities that make your reviewers more effective. It incorporates hands-on exercises and prompts engineered for successful color reviews.


Module 1: Why Reviews are Necessary
Understanding the pivotal role of reviews in the proposal process, exploring different types of reviews, and integrating them effectively within the proposal lifecycle.
Module 2: What Makes Proposals Compliant and Compelling
Mastery over solicitation analysis to ensure compliance, compelling proposal design, and customization to meet customer needs.
Module 3: Review Format, Goals, and Expectations
Structuring review sessions to meet varying project demands, with clear agendas and objectives for Pink and Red Team reviews.
Module 4: Reviewer Lab
Engaging in practical exercises, including AI-assisted reviews, to critique proposal sections for compliance and persuasion.
Module 5: Writers Debriefing and Integrating Changes
Techniques for delivering constructive feedback and aiding authors in swiftly enhancing proposal quality.
Module 6: Avoiding Top 10 Reviewer Mistakes
Insights into common pitfalls and best practices for reviewers to enhance their effectiveness.

Who is this
class for

Business Executives, Management, Subject Matter Experts and Program/Project Managers involved in color reviews, as well as Business Developers, Capture Managers, Proposal Managers, Proposal Writers, and others involved in Pink Teams, Red Teams, and other types of Color Reviews.

Course Duration

4-7 hours depending on the team’s expertise levels. Blending theory with practice, this training is designed as an engaging mix of lectures, hands-on exercises, and discussions, tailored to arm participants with the capabilities to conduct reviews that transform proposals into winning bids.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is essential for professionals involved in the preparation, review, and submission of proposals, including business development specialists, proposal managers, and technical staff seeking to refine their review techniques and contribute effectively to their organizations’ success.

Why OST Global Solutions?

With over 50 specialized courses and a vast library of 142 detailed business development, capture, and proposal methodologies, OST Global Solutions is uniquely positioned to deliver this training. Our documented processes and in-depth understanding of customer-specific needs allow us to customize this workshop, ensuring relevancy and applicability to your current and future solicitation efforts.

Tailored Training for Unparalleled Success

Embrace the opportunity to transform your proposal review process and edge out the competition with OST Global Solutions’ Proposal Color Reviewer Workshop.