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OST provides actionable intelligence and a strategic roadmap for your Government business growth. We identify the most productive use of your Business Development (BD) resources through Market Analysis and agency-specific Account Plans.

Market Analysis is the First and Most Important Part of Your BD Plan

Without competent market analysis, Government contractors waste time focusing on the wrong agencies and offices, missing bid opportunities that would be a perfect fit for their capabilities and past performance. They are unsure how to prioritize customer contacts, monitor their competition, or discover the best teaming partners.

You should invest in a Market Analysis if:

  • You are new to the Government market
  • You are targeting a new agency
  • Your competitors are outpacing you in market growth.

What is Included in the Government Market Analysis?

OST will study your capabilities and business objectives. We will then research and analyze the market to determine where you should focus your business development efforts.

We will give you detailed and data-based insight into:

  • Target agencies that buy the services, products, or solutions that you sell
  • Funding trends (money obligated versus actual spending)
  • Preferred agency contract vehicles and how to access them
  • The best Government contacts for your marketing campaigns
  • Top competitors and what you should learn from them
  • Top Government opportunities to focus on

How to Use Market Analysis Results

With our Market Analysis results in hand, you will have with the best agency contact information, and you can start setting appointments with prospective customers. You can then make strategic decisions based on your competitor analysis. You will know about upcoming opportunities well in advance, giving you time to conduct capture and properly position yourself for a bid. You will also receive contact information for potential teaming partners who can strengthen your bids.

If you need more than Market Analysis and would like us to guide you through the process of Government business development, check out our Winning Edge Package that also includes opportunity identification and opportunity qualification, which gets you ready for capture and/or winning proposal development.

Need a Deeper Dive into a Specific Agency? We Can Develop an Account Plan for You.

Market Analysis examines the entire market to help you prioritize your efforts. It is necessary for newcomers to Government contracting or those who aren’t sure where to find bid opportunities that align with their specialty.

An Account Plan for a specific agency goes deeper than the Market Analysis. It provides a detailed playbook for success at a specific agency and includes:

  • Agency mission and goals relevant to your company’s capabilities
  • Verified agency contacts – we speak directly to agency employees to ensure the accuracy of publicly available information, saving you time and effort
  • Sponsors and influencers up the chain of command
  • Budget analysis that outlines the agency’s funding stream, budget process, type or “color” of money they use, and whether they have year-end money or discretionary funds
  • Agency procurement process
  • How the agency buys using Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDV)
  • Main IDVs and their profiles: scope, duration, number of awardees, who they are, ceiling, spend/burn, Task Order size range, who dominates the vehicle, small business designation and treatment, contracting organization and contacts, fee collected for the vehicle, who can buy through the vehicle, restrictions, GSA relationship, etc.
  • Agency relationships that are relevant to your BD efforts
  • The agency’s top competitors as well as potential teaming and mentor-protégé partners
  • Your ideal opportunity profile for the agency
  • Top expiring and new opportunities that fit your capabilities
  • An action plan to increase your footprint at the agency

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