Things change every day and sometimes by the hour with the growing pandemic. Government contractors’ lives have been upended and we are all worried about the future. At OST, we are working hard to help our clients stay cash positive and advocate for all Government contractors as an industry.

For those who responded to our brief survey, thank you very much – your concerns were relayed to people who are advocating for relief bills in Congress that will make things better.

We’ve created this blog post to tell you about the current assistance available for Government contractors.

Below are memos that Government contractors are encouraged to reference to get contracting officers to collaborate with them on setting up remote work and using technology to fill gaps:

Here are some additional Federal Contractor Guidance doc links that you may find helpful:

Do pay attention to SBA loans available, and any state-issued grants and loans as well.

For example, you should consider providing federal Business Development training for portions of your workforce that might otherwise be idle. Then they could spend time on capture and writing proposals instead of being idle. If you own a Maryland business, there is a grant that will cover that – please, contact us for details.

Finally, here is the link to the Government Contractor Guidance from Bloomberg Government that you may find helpful as well. This contractor guidance report includes an overview of guidance issued by federal agencies, federal agency opportunity announcements related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and federal spending to date.

Please, stay safe and let us know how we can support your pipeline, capture, proposal, and training needs.

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