This class covers a spectrum of the most important topics, from preparing for a proposal effort and making a bid-no-bid decision, to orchestrating a great proposal kickoff, driving subject matter experts to produce winning content, exhibiting superb leadership and management skills, optimizing proposal team performance, getting the most from the proposal color reviews, and mitigating proposal risks at every stage to reduce stress and increase win probability. The course also focuses on measuring and improving the cost-efficiency and effectiveness of the proposal team. This course takes proposal management to the next level, beyond the proposal process, and into fine-tuning of the skills indispensable for a senior proposal manager.

This builds advanced skills by offering a deeper understanding of the theory and practice of proposal management, expands abilities through best practices-based methodologies, and provides toolsets for immediate implementation. It is an interactive 2-day workshop that is 60 percent lecture, 20 percent exercises and case studies, and 20 percent discussion.

Here are some of the topics we will cover in this class:

  • Understanding how to avoid proposal mistakes even mature companies make • Mastering tools and techniques for making a bid-no-bid decision.
  • Determining whether an RFP is wired.
  • Planning and managing proposal budget and resources.
  • Conducting a highly effective proposal kickoff.
  • Scaling the proposal process up and down for different size pursuits.
  • Applying the techniques to produce the most compelling proposal content that makes a winning difference.
  • Mastering rapid learning techniques in a new subject matter to provide ample guidance to subject matter experts who develop innovative solutions.
  • Initiating and facilitating rapid solution and section development for every part of the proposal.
  • Tracking volume and section progress and quality.
  • Applying leadership and proposal team building techniques to achieve optimum performance from proposal contributors.
  • Applying effective communication methods to the proposal team.
  • Getting results from difficult proposal team members.
  • Working effectively with remote participants.
  • Getting the most useful inputs from the color reviews.
  • Mastering techniques for quickly integrating reviewers’ input into the proposal.
  • Managing proposal risk.
  • Applying metrics for proposal effectiveness.
  • Conducting an effective lessons learned session.
  • Making use of personal and organizational proposal process optimization.

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