Business Development for Project Personnel

This course is intended for subject matter experts (SMEs) and project personnel who are integral to a high-performing business development organization.

The class covers how to become part of a company’s growth engine and why it’s important for project personnel to engage in the business development and capture process.

It covers BD and capture concepts at a level ideal for project personnel and shows them specifically where in the process they can make the greatest impact.

Project personnel work alongside your Government customers every day and understand their hot buttons, true “care abouts,” and vision for the future. Training your project personnel on BD will give them an opportunity to help the Government solve critical challenges.

This course teaches your project personnel how to increase

The scope of your existing projects.

Deepen and improve your relationship with your customers.

Find the most important information to win a specific contract.


Day 1
Module 1: Understanding Business Development as a Project Person
  • Business Development (BD) life cycle and its key steps
  • Your job is not business development – or is it?
  • Where and how you fit into the BD Process
  • BD functions of onsite/project staff
  • Where your roles fit with the BD organization’s roles
  • Who is who in your BD organization
  • What your BD organization does
  • Opportunity identification
  • Capture management and six aspects of capture
  • Proposal management other tasks to feed the “growthengine”
  • Overcoming the reluctance to “sell”
Module 2: Understanding and Working with the Customer
  • Four goals when working with the customer during capture
  • Procurement basics
  • Why and how the Government buys
  • Five categories of customer and what role do they play in your company’s BD success
  • Talking about new opportunities with your customers
  • Understanding your customer’s needs and recognizing “pain”
  • Understanding your customer’s psychology and motivations
  • Ethics rules of engaging with the Government customer
  • Describing your company’s and/or team’s capabilities correctly when meeting new contacts
  • Creating strong relationships and becoming a trusted advisor
Module 3: Serving as Liaison between the Customer and the Company BD Organization
  • Recognizing a new opportunity
  • Questions to ask the customer to collect information
  • Shaping the opportunity and influence the requirements
  • Why and how to vet your proposed solution
  • How to communicate effectively with your BD organization
  • What to expect from your BD organization
  • What information your BD organization will need from you
  • Portability of work to other contracting vehicles
  • White papers exploring the problem and solutions
  • Unsolicited proposals with company’s solution
Day 2
Module 4: Intelligence Gathering for Project Personnel
  • What information your BD organization needs and why
  • Collecting intelligence during project execution onsite
  • How to collect intelligence at the site visits, proposal conferences, and industry days
  • How to distill information from customer presentations and reports, information from end users, the opportunity background and history, and research
  • Rules on how to gather information ethically to keep the company out of trouble
Module 5: How to Contribute to Win Strategy
  • Understanding the components of win strategy
  • How project personnel contribute to developing a winstrategy
  • How to win as an incumbent or how to beat an incumbent
  • What are win themes
  • How win themes can figure into your win strategy sessions, and how to change your win strategy into a list of cohesive action items
Module 6: Competitive Analysis for Project Personnel
  • Avenues for the project personnel to identify competitors, gather competitive intelligence, and determine their strengths and weaknesses
  • The types of action items project personnel could undertake to stay ahead of the competition
Module 7: Assisting in the Team Formation Process
  • Basics of teaming:
    • Why team and when one should team
    • Forms of teaming
    • Teaming strategies
    • What to look for in a teaming partner
    • NDAs and Teaming Agreements
  • How project personnel can help the BD organization with forming a formidable team
Module 8: Contributing to Solution Development
Contributing effectively to the solution development, win strategy sessions, and other BD organization-driven workshops
Module 9: Summary and Recap
  • Recapping the course
  • Checking knowledge
  • Discussing takeaways and questions

Upon course completion, the participants will have learned and be able to put into practice:

Gathering information ethically
What your BD organization does

Understanding your customer’s needs

Overcoming the reluctance to sell

Where and how project personnel fit in the BD process
How to distill information from customer presentations and reports, and conversations with end users
How to collect intelligence while you are onsite
How to distill information from customer presentations and reports, and conversations with end users
How project personnel can contribute to developing a solid win strategy

Reasons why your company needs project personnel to help in the BD life cycle

How to open dialogues with your customers about new opportunities

What information and help your BD organization will need from you in working with the customer
How project personnel can add to competitive analysis, and help BD stay ahead of the competition