If you want your company to grow consistently in the Federal Government market, you need a sound Business Development (BD) strategy that focuses your entire organization’s business development efforts. A successful BD strategy involves:

  • conducting market research that identifies target agencies and specific contacts,
  • building a pipeline of opportunities with high win probability,
  • implementing new BD processes,
  • training staff,
  • positioning for wins ahead of RFP issuance through capture, and,
  • writing excellent proposals.

OST’s Federal Business Development Support (BDS) is designed to deliver consistent and repeatable growth results in the Government market. Our BDS professionals help each of our clients develop a customized business development strategy based on current market analysis and execute against that strategy with a focus on consistent growth. We know how to define the market for your services, and we have extensive relationships through association boards, professional groups, and our personal connections in the Washington, DC, metro area that open doors and get our clients in front of Government decision-makers and industry partners. Through research and door-opening activities, we will channel a constant flow of opportunities to you that are custom-fit for your company so you can bid on and win more Government contracts. We will guide you throughout the process, help you fine-tune your organization’s processes, and develop a custom process book for you to follow when performing activities related to organic growth. We will also develop and train your staff to build your internal business development capacity. We offer business development services tailored for both established Government contractors and emerging contractors (firms that are relatively new or considering/just entering the Government market). Read the section below that best describes your business to learn more about the services we provide that will best suit your needs.

Established Government Contractors

Are you an established Government contractor in one or more of the following positions?

  • You need a clear strategy to take your company to the next level of growth where you can win Government contracts in a predictable, consistent manner.
  • You are not bidding on enough proposals, and you are not winning most of the ones you are bidding on.
  • Your pipeline is not consistently updated, and with a focus on execution, your business development is sporadic at best; you suspect you could grow much faster if you had competent business development help.
  • You worry because you are about to graduate from a small business program and you want to continue your growth momentum as you transition into a mid-tier no-man’s land.
  • You are transitioning from mostly subbing to now priming and have to do business development differently (but don’t know exactly how).
  • You have hit a plateau in your growth or even begun to move backward.

If you answered “Yes” to any of the issues above, our BDS team is here to help with the following services: Business Development Strategy and Market Analysis to determine if you need to expand capabilities and customer sets, widen your footprint in the agencies where you have a presence, and determine the right portfolio of contract vehicles. Federal Government Marketing and Rainmaking to identify or create opportunities and position with key decision-makers in the Government and potential industry partners. Bid Opportunities Pipeline Development and Management invigorate your proposal machine, so that you submit more bids and win more of them, too. Government-focused Branding and Capability Statement Development to tell a more compelling story about your unique value proposition to decision-makers, and refresh your message. Business Development Process Improvement to formalize or enhance your processes so that you could hold your own against powerful competitors while using your resources efficiently and effectively. Business Development Training to sharpen your staff’s skills, and to turn your entire workforce (especially your customer-facing operations personnel) into a sales force.

Emerging Government Contractors

Do you own a new firm or an established firm that’s either considering or just entering the Government contract market? Do any of the situations below sum up your current position?

  • New to the Government market with a desire to enter it the right way, with competent guidance, instead of stunting your growth while learning from your own mistakes.
  • Need a competent business developer to start bringing in more contracts, because you are focused on the execution of the few contracts you have won yourself, have spread yourself too thin, and now don’t have time to do business development.
  • On the fence, not sure if the Government market is right for you, and want a candid outlook to let you know if there is a potential return on your investment.
  • Hesitant to invest in a business development consultant working for you on a consistent basis, but need someone to guide and coach you on what to do to win Government contracts more predictably.

If we’ve described your current situation in one or more of the bullets above, you will certainly benefit from our BDS team’s assistance in one or more of the following areas: Business Development Strategy and Market Analysis to determine market size, where you are most likely to gain entry into the Federal market, strategies on how to do it, whom to team with, which specific decision-makers to contact, and how to tweak your offer so that it fits your target customers. Bid Opportunities Pipeline Development and Management find opportunities for you to pursue, initially through teaming with other prime contractors and eventually through priming the contract. Government-focused Branding and Capability Statement Development to tell the Government the essential information they seek about your unique value proposition. Business Development Training to develop your skills so that you go about business development the tried and true way. Business Development Mentoring and Executive Coaching to guide you in your weekly business development activities, if you prefer the do-it-yourself route.

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