The Department of Energy (DOE) has released a Request for Information (RFI) for the next phase of its Chief Information Officer Business Operation Support Services (CBOSS) 2.0. This comes as the current blanket purchase agreement (BPA) with Accenture approaches its expiration. The CBOSS vehicle is pivotal for the DOE, serving 79 entities across 27 states, making CBOSS 2.0 a critical opportunity for IT vendors.

RFI responses are due no later than 11:00 AM ET on September 22, 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to help shape the upcoming solicitation.

Overview of CBOSS 2.0 RFI:

The DOE’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is actively seeking potential sources capable of delivering IT Professional Services across the DOE enterprise. The RFI outlines the following primary areas of interest:

General IT Support: This encompasses a broad spectrum of services ranging from program management, IT strategy, application support, to infrastructure services. Key areas include database administration and website development.

Cybersecurity: The DOE requires entities that can define and implement robust security strategies and compliance frameworks. This includes cyber strategy, risk management, continuous monitoring, and information assurance.

Infrastructure & Shared Services: The focus here is on managing all aspects of printing devices and IT services within a managed seat service environment. This covers Cloud Managed Service, Service Operations and Maintenance, Security Monitoring, and Business Continuity Operations.

Telecommunications: The DOE is looking for support in mobile communication services & devices, IP voice services, web conferencing, and video teleconferencing.

Technology Strategy and Innovation: The aim is to enhance the efficiency and delivery of IT services and solutions.

Key Points for Interested Contractors:

  • The DOE has not yet decided on the acquisition strategy, meaning it could be unrestricted, set-aside for small businesses, or a hybrid approach.
  • Interested companies should provide comprehensive documentation showcasing their capabilities for each of the task areas listed in the draft Performance Work Statement (PWS) and Section III of the RFI.
  • Responses must be submitted in Microsoft Word format and are limited to maximum of 15 pages. RFI responses should be submitted via email to: [email protected].
  • The tentative NAICS code for this requirement is 541512: Computer Systems Design Services.

How OST Can Guide You to Success

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