February’s AI Mastery Course, designed explicitly for BD professionals in government contracting firms, is sold out. Reserve your spot for our April class now to make sure you don’t miss our next session.

Be part of the leading edge of integrating AI into your business development processes. From foundational AI concepts to advanced application strategies, this course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools to lead in the competitive landscape of government contracting.

Join us to unlock the secrets to achieving at least a 30% productivity increase, 20% higher win rates, and 25% labor cost savings in your bid preparation activities.

Transform Your Approach to Business Development, Capture, and Proposals with AI:

Are you ready to enhance your bid flow, amplify your Pwin, streamline BD tasks, improve decision-making, and ensure your proposals are both compliant and compelling? This exclusive 3-part course is your path to harnessing the power of AI, transforming your strategies, and execution in government contracting.

Why This Course?

Competitive Advantage: In the ever-evolving landscape of government contracting, leveraging AI is not just about technology—it’s about securing a decisive edge. Become the professional who not only survives but thrives by expertly employing AI in your operations.

Comprehensive Curriculum: From understanding generative AI and its role in BD to mastering AI-assisted proposal development, our course covers every angle to prepare you for the future of government contracting. Learn to safeguard sensitive information, enhance data security, and protect intellectual property with AI.

Key Outcomes:

Efficiency and Strategic Depth: Discover how AI can transform customer engagement, intelligence gathering, and competitive analyses, leading to more strategic and efficient capture management.

Innovative Solutions and Stronger Proposals: Learn to leverage AI for developing compelling proposal themes, win strategies, and visually appealing content, significantly enhancing your chances of bid success.

Future-Proof Your Skills: Stay ahead of emerging trends and prepare for future developments in BD, capture, and proposal management with insights into the latest AI applications.

Upcoming Class Details:

  • Dates: April 23 – 25, 2024
  • Time: 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Delivery: Live, virtual sessions via Zoom

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Limited seats ensure personalized attention and an interactive learning environment.

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Advanced Proposal Management

OST Global Solutions 7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 560, Rockville, MD, United States

This class covers the spectrum of the most important topics, from preparing for a proposal effort and making a bid-no-bid decision, to orchestrating a great proposal kickoff, driving subject matter experts to produce winning content, exhibiting superb leadership and team management skills, managing conflict, setting the right expectations, optimizing proposal team performance, getting the most from the proposal color reviews, and mitigating proposal risks at every stage to reduce stress and increase your proposal’s Pwin. The course also focuses on measuring and improving cost-efficiency and effectiveness of the proposal team. Learn More

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Advanced Capture Management

OST Global Solutions 7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 560, Rockville, MD, United States

This Advanced Capture Management course is for federal business developers and capture managers to learn advanced techniques for government customer engagement and sales, intelligence gathering on opportunities, win strategy brainstorming, and facilitation of competitive analysis, Black Hat, and solution development (CONOPS) workshops. This is the ultimate course for positioning to win government contracts through a rigorous capture planning process. Learn More

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Winning Government Cost Proposals

OST Global Solutions 7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 560, Rockville, MD, United States

Developing a Winning Cost Volume course helps you increase your federal contract win probability. We focus on government contract evaluation, pricing fundamentals such as cost buildup and cost volume elements, price strategy, developing basis of estimate (BOE), coming up with assumptions, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), cost volume narrative, winning in lowest price technically acceptable proposals (LPTA), and much more. Learn More

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