Those who have been around IDIQs for a while know that your chances of winning a task order diminish with each month that passes by, and each competition where you lose or fail to participate. This is why it is critically important that you set up a bid engine that will help you ramp up quickly, and become less reactive in responding to task orders. Use these eight fundamental steps to create a bid engine:

  1. Designate responsible personnel and identify resources with roles unique to task order management organizations.
  2. Configure tools for collaboration, information storage and retrieval, and speeding up all tasks from solution development to editing.
  3. Develop a task order manual that spells out all the standard operating procedures for the IDIQ.
  4. Set up processes for business development, mini-capture, marketing, short-fuse proposal development, and maintenance of your bid engine.
  5. Set up the website to market your IDIQ.
  6. Set up a properly referenced and tagged collateral library to speed up task order responses.
  7. Train and involve operations to help you develop business and prepare task order proposals.
  8. Master tight writing to pack punch into your page-limited responses.

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