Dave has recorded a 30-minute webinar called Identifying and Qualifying Pipeline Opportunities with Jennifer Schaus and Associates.
The webinar is designed to help Business Development Managers, Account Leads, and Business Owners implement a better opportunity qualification process and move opportunities through their pipeline into capture.
He started with the overall business development lifecycle for Federal Government opportunities and then covered the thought process behind developing a pipeline. He dove into the steps for filling an opportunities pipeline and actions for a Business Development organization to properly qualify an opportunity and start capture.
He focused on a multifaceted approach to finding opportunities. He wrapped up the webinar with a list of questions to help critically analyze the opportunity and help decide whether your company should prime or sub. He touched upon the pipeline development best practices to help Business Developers and Business Owners evaluate and improve their own business development processes.
You are invited to attend these courses in person at our facilities, but we understand that it is more convenient for some of you to attend remotely via GoToWebinar.
For more information, or if you would like the slides for the presentation, you can reach out to Dave via email ([email protected]) or phone (513-316-0993).
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