As a federal Government contractor, preparing for orals can be daunting. Orals, however, need not be intimidating. This guide will help to demystify orals and show how OST Global Solutions can support your team to confidently navigate preparation and performance.

Understanding Orals in Federal Government Contract Proposals

When a federal contract proposal reaches its later evaluation stages, the procurement team may request orals. In these oral presentations or interviews, you, as the offeror, present your proposed solution and approach. Oral proposals are timed solution-focused “team job interviews” that either substitute or augment written proposals. They are an opportunity for the Government to evaluate your solution through the prism of the people. An oral presentation to the federal Government is not a traditional sales or marketing briefing, an investor pitch, a written proposal summarized in a slide format, a job interview, or a typical briefing presented to corporate, military, or Government officials. Instead, it is a complex hybrid of all of these, and then some. It poses unusual challenges in design, organization, and speaker preparation.

Mastering the Dynamics of an Oral Presentation

An oral presentation provides a unique platform for you to showcase your knowledge, ideas, and perspectives. The effectiveness of your presentation depends mostly on your delivery as you need to be the source of information not the presentation. Your tone, body language, and presentation materials all play crucial roles in conveying your message. A successful oral presentation requires meticulous preparation, ample practice, and a keen understanding of your audience’s expectations.

Preparing for an Oral Presentation: Building Confidence

Start by conducting thorough research and arranging your thoughts into a coherent outline. Regular practice can build your confidence and help you familiarize yourself with the flow of your speech. Use clear language, minimize reliance on notes, and employ visual aids to maintain audience interest. Taking deep breaths before starting and speaking slowly and clearly can leave a positive, lasting impression.

Achieving Success in Oral Presentation

The success of your oral presentation extends beyond well-rehearsed speeches and polished slides. The tone of your voice significantly influences how your audience perceives your message. A professional tone can earn your listeners’ trust and respect. Strive for clear, concise delivery throughout your presentation, and avoid speaking too fast or too slow. Practicing beforehand can ensure a confident and successful delivery.

Handling Technical Glitches During Oral Presentations

Don’t let technical issues derail your presentation. If you encounter a glitch, remember to stay calm and assess the situation. If you can’t fix the issue quickly, continue with your presentation. It’s important to be prepared to deliver your presentation while adapting to whatever variables emerge. The way you handle these situations can showcase your professionalism and poise.

OST Global Solutions: Your Partner in Orals Presentations

If you want to ensure an edge on the competition, take training with the orals professionals at OST Global Solutions. Our two-day course (available on-demand) gives you all the knowledge necessary to coach your team to win in orals, including the challenging GSA FEDSIM Orals. It covers the key skill areas spanning from managing a blended written and orals proposal to slide deck development, orals content development, and orals coaching. The course covers different types of orals that include in-person orals, virtual orals with video and without video, teleconference orals, and recorded video orals. It dives into how to tailor the proposal process according to the RFP requirements.

At OST Global Solutions, we understand the importance of tailored guidance for different types of orals. Whether it’s in-person orals, virtual orals with video and without video, teleconference orals, or recorded video orals, our course covers the strategies and techniques needed to excel in each format. With thorough preparation and effective coaching from OST, you’ll be fully prepared for successful oral presentations.

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