The Defense Health Agency (DHA) is expected to release a final Request for Proposals (RFP) soon for a multiple-award medical services contract valued at more than $43 Billion.

The Medical Q-Coded Support & Services – Next Generation (MQS2-NG) program will consolidate the scopes of two large medical services indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) vehicles. Through MQS2-NG, the DHA will provide clinical and medical support services to beneficiaries at medical and dental facilities in DoD and other federal agencies throughout all 50 States as well as Guam, Puerto Rico.

Currently, there are 62 small businesses on the two vehicles being consolidated. DHA is expecting to award 5 to 10 vendors in the small business category and 5 vendors in the unrestricted category in each of the five geographic areas of responsibility, with multiple on- and off-ramps anticipated. The competition will be fierce with so many “quasi-incumbents” competing for a few slots in each geographic area on the new vehicle.

The draft Performance Work Statement (PWS) and other documents are available for review on The draft PWS for MQS2-NG includes five labor segments:

  • Ancillary Services: Services provided by contract workers who deliver patient treatment or assist in the provision of patient treatment. Labor Categories: Audiologists, clinical laboratory personnel, dietitians, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physical therapists, podiatrists, radiology support, respiratory therapists, speech pathologists, and clinical support staff such as medical assistants.
  • Dental Services: Services provided by contract workers who deliver dental care. Labor Categories: General dentists and dental specialists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental lab technicians.
  • Medical Support Services: Services provided by contract workers who support the provision of health care. Labor Categories: Inpatient, outpatient, and ambulatory procedure coders and auditors, coding trainers, compliance coders, records technicians, transcriptionists, medical billing, third-party liability, tumor registrar, referral management, medical evaluation board, medical logistics, biomedical equipment, occupational/public health, medical supply, medical readiness, schedulers, appointment clerks, office/ward clerks, admission & disposition, medical secretaries, healthcare program assistants.
  • Nursing Services: Services provided by registered and/or licensed nursing personnel. Labor Categories: Registered and/or licensed nursing personnel, including all types of registered and advanced practice nurses as well as practical and vocational nurses.
  • Physician Services: Services provided by primary and specialty care physicians who deliver routine, preventive, and specialty care services to patients. Labor Categories: Primary care and specialty care physicians.

MQS2-NG is a major opportunity for medical and professional services companies, but the competition will be high from the “quasi-incumbents” looking to expand their geographic coverage or from other small-businesses looking to break into the medical staffing market. Companies must quickly finalize teaming decisions and then start on solution development and proposal drafting in order to maximize win probability.

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DHA’s $43 Billion+ Medical Q-Coded Support & Services – Next Generation (MQS2-NG)