Gaithersburg, MD – 12/08/2024 – OST Global Solutions is a leader in business development (BD), capture, proposal management consulting and training, and we are excited to announce a significant shift in our leadership team. David Huff is taking the helm as the new Chief Executive Officer bringing his experience as a successful leader and BD, Capture, and Proposal Manager. Olessia Smotrova is now focusing on strategic growth as the Chief Strategy Officer having founded the company in 2005.

Since joining OST as a partner in 2013, David has been instrumental in the company’s financial and operational success. His major focus will be to improve value to OST’s clients by incorporating AI into OST’s Business Development, Capture, and Proposal Development services.

“AI offers many amazing capabilities, but it is still a tool and has to be used correctly, especially in the complicated world of federal business development. We are creating best practices in using AI to speed up and enhance research, analysis, and first proposal drafts,” David said. “The time savings allow us to make all of our services better. The work we are doing right now will redefine industry standards for the next decade and beyond.”

“David’s extensive experience and business acumen make him the ideal leader to guide OST in this new era,” said Olessia. “His military leadership, honed through two deployments to Afghanistan, brings a unique perspective and discipline to our business operations.”

In her new role as Chief Strategy Officer, Olessia will spearhead AI implementations, both internally and for clients, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness. “This new role allows me to dedicate myself fully to integrating cutting-edge technologies and developing exciting new training courses, aligning with the proposal industry’s evolution,” Olessia stated.

For further information or inquiries, please contact William “Bill” Schalik III, Partner and COO, at [email protected].

About OST Global Solutions

OST Global Solutions is a consulting company specializing in BD, capture, and proposal management. They offer comprehensive services to help clients win Government and commercial contracts. With a track record of over $26 billion in successful proposals, OST is committed to helping businesses of all sizes achieve their growth objectives.