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Alan Metzler Avatar
Alan Metzler
6/28/2022 - Google

Solid training program with effective materials to reinforce the curriculum and teaching points.

John McLain Avatar
John McLain
6/28/2022 - Google

Attended an extremely valuable and relevant "Foundations of Capture Management" 2-day course at OST's Rockville Headquarters. The OST Team was... read more

Mars Lolo Promise Avatar
Mars Lolo Promise
5/16/2022 - Facebook

Trusting someone you've never met with your money is scary but that was the best decision I’d made, The... read more

Mullah (Matt) Raheil Avatar
Mullah (Matt) Raheil
12/21/2021 - Google

Wonderful sessions. Love them.

Andi Person Avatar
Andi Person
11/16/2021 - Google

The Writing Persuasive Proposals class is excellent! I learned several new techniques to help improve my federal proposal writing skills,... read more

Velvet Vaughan Avatar
Velvet Vaughan
11/16/2021 - Google

The federal proposal writing class is amazing! Natalia is a knowledgeable, engaging, and talented trainer. Will definitely be recommending OST... read more

Lakeisha Thomas Avatar
Lakeisha Thomas
11/16/2021 - Google

I've taken two courses with OST Global Solutions, Inc. (How to Write a Compliant Proposal and Writing Persuasive Proposals). As... read more

Gail Wright Avatar
Gail Wright
7/17/2021 - Facebook

This is my first time taking a class with OST Global, so the experience was unique to me. I wasn't... read more

Johanna Jensen Avatar
Johanna Jensen
7/17/2021 - Facebook

I was not sure what to expect because the class was taught remotely, but I was quite impressed with the... read more

Susan Ahmed Avatar
Susan Ahmed
7/17/2021 - Facebook

I have twenty-plus years of experience taking remote courses. I am not easily impressed, reserved with my praise, and do... read more

Eileen Saldivar Avatar
Eileen Saldivar
7/17/2021 - Facebook

I've never completed a course like this before (remote instruction) and I cannot express how great the instructor was and... read more

Cynthia Lange Avatar
Cynthia Lange
7/17/2021 - Facebook

This class was very effective and therefore I would definitely be interested in attending other classes in the same format.... read more

Kiyahg Kendrick Avatar
Kiyahg Kendrick
7/14/2021 - Facebook

This class was excellent--where have you been all my life? The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and articulate. I was delighted... read more

Andrew Sims Avatar
Andrew Sims
7/14/2021 - Facebook

This course was the Game Changer! For anyone who is in the GovCon space and is working in the Capture... read more

Susan M. Harrison Avatar
Susan M. Harrison
7/14/2021 - Facebook

Exceeded Expectations! I went in to this program quite nervous because I chose to do the e-learning a few months... read more

Dory Rodriguez Avatar
Dory Rodriguez
7/14/2021 - Facebook

I can't recommend this course enough! I benefitted as a learner, and as a proposal writing professional. The facilitator was... read more

Crtieqenn Marron Avatar
Crtieqenn Marron
7/14/2021 - Facebook

Valuable Experience! Great facilitation and excellent content. I walked away with tools and additional insights into ways I can capture... read more

Glen Adams Avatar
Glen Adams
5/27/2020 - Google

I recently completed a Virginia PTAC webinar on Conceptualizing Proposal Graphics conducted by OST Global Solutions. It was an... read more

Dave Kanterman Avatar
Dave Kanterman
5/15/2020 - Google

I have assisted with drafting RFP proposal responses for 10 years. Win themes and effective stories were often the greatest... read more

Joanne Briones Avatar
Joanne Briones
5/05/2020 - Google

I have learned a lot from the capture management trainings. As a new government contractor I will be able to... read more

Sherry Hendricks Avatar
Sherry Hendricks
5/04/2020 - Google

I love OST Global Solutions, Inc.! Olessa is an industry-recognized asset and she shares lots of tidbits of knowledge and... read more

Katana Koks Avatar
Katana Koks
4/07/2020 - Google

This is absolutely unique company where you can get knowledge that you would never get anywhere else. All classes... read more

Michael Gerner Avatar
Michael Gerner
10/04/2017 - Facebook

Highly professional and extremely capable. A pleasure to engage with. They really know their stuff.