I just saw an interesting interview in Washington Technology, Capture Management Requires Planning, a conversation with Bob Lohfeld by David Hubler.

I know Bob Lohfeld since he is a fellow member of the Board of Directors of the APMP. He is a veteran business developer. In his interview, Bob explains what capture is and how important it is to winning business.

I think that the following statements point out very well the kinds of faulty beliefs about capture managers and capture management that lead companies to lose. Here is what Bob says:

Q: How do you become a proficient capture manager?
Lohfeld: It takes great natural ability it’s in their DNA and they know how to win and great coaching. It is someone who can help raise your level of competitiveness in the market, not just march through the process.

If you’re going to play, become obsessed about winning. Anything short of that, you’re just a tourist in the market.

Q: What pitfalls do companies need to avoid when forming a capture management team?
Lohfeld: First, the capture executives must be the best and brightest employees in the company. Too often, companies don’t have that caliber of people or too few of them, and the task goes to people who aren’t ready to play at that level. The second pitfall is assuming that capture managers can also perform their regular day jobs. The third one is the one that probably galls me the most. There are too many people in the market who call themselves capture managers when all they are really doing is populating PowerPoint charts with data they collect, which is inconsequential to increasing the win probability.

I could not have said it better. The point is, make sure that your capture people, whether they are employees or consultants, have the training and the talent to get you that contract.

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