We created the Blueprint for Federal Business Development (BD) course specifically to meet the needs of businesses looking to grow in the Federal market. It’s been our top-selling course for over 7 years because it works, plain and simple. It’s been so well-received that we have re-recorded it twice.

Blueprint is an immediately applicable system that can help you land the large Government contracts you need to grow your business consistently. It’s based on two decades’ experience helping top Federal contractors and both mid-tier and small businesses win contracts. It teaches basic and advanced BD topics like strategic planning, market research, pipeline development, opportunity identification, capture and proposal management, implementation, and BD effort expansion.

The value of this course is tremendous. It will take you through the entire business development life cycle and enable you to learn the material in-depth by reading the manual and replaying the recordings. In fact, our Blueprint course is so informative that we use it as our internal training curriculum, while other companies use it to grow their BD capabilities and achieve their growth goals.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get this freshly minted version of our Blueprint course.

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