The National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC) announced that it was rescinding all Phase 1 “unsuccessful offeror” notices issued in January for its $50-billion IT-services contract vehicle, Chief Information Officer – Solutions and Partners 4 (CIO-SP4).

The agency will reassess its source selection methodology and make new Phase 1 determinations. The highest rated offerors under these revised criteria will then proceed to Phase 2 of the procurement process.

This is the latest development in the CIO-SP4 contract since the final Request for Proposals (RFP) initially dropped in May of 2021. The agency issued 16 amendments for the RFP in response to protests over assessing offerors’ prior experience and mentor-protégé arrangements. More than 100 protests have been filed against the agency over how it would determine winners in the two-phase evaluation.

NITAAC issued its latest decision in response to protests filed to the Government Accountability Office (GAO). In response to NITAAC’s voluntary corrective action, the GAO has dismissed the protests.

The 10-year, $50 billion CIO-SP4 contract is the fourth iteration of a contract vehicle to acquire IT products and specialized services for biomedical research and healthcare needs.

In its message to the GAO, NITAAC noted that the Phase I evaluation includes validating all proposals. NITAAC further reserves the right to “correct any additional errors or deficiencies, if any, in the procurement process/record that may be discovered during the implementation of the above corrective action plan.”

“As such, this notice is being sent to advise all CIO-SP4 Offerors that the agency is rescinding all of the unsuccessful offeror notices sent on January 31, 2023, and that the agency will be sending out new Phase 1 successful and unsuccessful notices,” the agency noted in its message.

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