The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is expected to release solicitation documents in early 2023 for its IT-based multiple award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) J6 Enterprise Technology Services (JETS) 2.0. This is the follow-on contract to DLA’s initial JETS suite of contracts, and it has a contract ceiling of $6 billion.

For this proposal, you cannot wait for the final Request for Proposals (RFP) to begin drafting your response. There is simply too much writing. Based on our prior experience supporting winning JETS bids, we anticipate around 120 pages for the technical volume alone.

DLA issued a draft Statement of Work (SOW) in November that covers 12 Task Areas. Interested bidders should begin drafting content based on these Task Areas using the Instructions (Section L) and the Evaluation Criteria (Section M) from the prior JETS solicitation.

Based on our prior experience supporting the first JETS solicitation, we anticipate the final RFP will require a substantial amount of writing. The original JETS solicitation had no page limit and required bidders to address 21 Task Areas. Happily, DLA has condensed the Task Areas to 12 for JETS 2.0, but we still anticipate a page limit of approximately 10-15 pages per technical area, which means a low end of 120 pages for the technical volume. We expect JETS 2.0 to have the following page counts, based on the prior solicitation and our experience with the original workload:

  • Executive Summary: 8 to 10 pages
  • Technical Approach: 120-150 pages (10-15 pages per Task Area)
  • Management Approach: 45 to 60 pages
  • Past Performance: 10 to 40 pages (2 to 8 examples, 5-page limit per example)

JETS 2.0 has a five-year base period and a five-year option period and is a multiple-award contract. The original solicitation was open to both Small Business and 8(a) bidders.

JETS 2.0 is positioned to become DLA’s primary IT services and operations vehicle for the next decade, and the agency may consolidate other stand-alone IT requirements into the vehicle. Other Department of Defense (DoD) agencies may also be permitted to order off JETS 2.0

OST Global Solutions is a professional business development consulting firm. We have experience winning large, strategic bids like JETS 2.0. We can provide capture and proposal teams to develop a complete, winning proposal. Or we can provide consultants on a case-by-case basis to fill gaps on your business development team. Our services related to JETS consist of capture management, cost volume development, price-to-win analysis, team identification/negotiation, proposal management, proposal writing, editing, and desktop publishing.

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