Companies that implement a capture plan position themselves to win even before the Government releases a Request for Proposal (RFP). Developing an effective capture plan entails a deliberate and disciplined approach to capture and information gathering.

Capture planning positions companies to collect information in a way that strengthens customer relations and engagement. This process also helps companies to formulate win themes, as well as develop competitive analysis, solutions, and teaming considerations in advance of the RFP. To raise win rates, take this capture training to master these techniques.

Many companies do not develop a capture plan and do not adequately allocate enough of their business development budget towards capture. The Government capture planning process starts early, after opportunity qualification, and continues through proposal submission.

Not preparing for the final exam and expecting an A is like trying to win Government proposals without capture planning. Going in blind and hoping for the best is not a good business strategy for any Government contracting company.

Teaming. Capture enables companies to look ahead at teaming partners so they can avoid rushing into hasty arrangements. However, many companies do not do this until late in the process. Some companies face challenges finding the right teaming partners, deciding when teaming is the right course of action, or even allocating scope. This course covers teaming best practices and will help avoid pitfalls.

Sizing up the Competition. Learning about the competition is important and the details matter. In this course, we train students on how to find information on competitors, how to assess their capabilities, and also identify their potential strategies.

How to Develop a Great Win Strategy and Win Themes. Foundations of Capture Management training will arm you with the tools and knowledge to immediately start capturing Government contracts and to dramatically improve your win probability (Pwin) and win themes. This course will chart how to devise top-level actions to create winning offers and how to develop powerful proposal-level and section-level win themes to drive strategy.

Solutions. Impressing customers with a solution involves in-depth customer knowledge and a thorough understanding of customer needs. We break down solution development and outline typical problems. Developing solutions sets can help companies properly brainstorm and draft proposal sections even before the RFP drops staging capture for proposal use in advance.

Actionable Intelligence. There are many sources and opportunities to gather information to include studying opportunity history and learning from customer engagements. Simply knowing where to start the research, properly vetting and tracking the information, and ensuring capture inform the proposal are deliberate planning considerations (and capture should not just inform the Technical volume but also the Cost volume too).

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