Win Themes are pithy, memorable phrases in a proposal that tell the Government customer exactly why they should choose you — not your competitors — for a contract. Win Themes explain the benefits you can bring the customer through your solution, and they’re supported by specific proof. There’s no better way to target exactly what your customer wants and needs to hear in order to feel confident buying your product.

If you want your Win Themes to hit the mark, you must follow the right steps in creating them. Specifically, you need to focus on what the customer needs and wants before you focus on the features your company can provide. Too often, business developers make the mistake of creating Win Themes centered on themselves and what solutions they have to offer without first targeting what the customer wants.

Creating great Win Themes is an iterative process that starts with Capture and continues throughout the proposal process. We continue to refine our Win Themes as we gather additional intelligence during the process.

By starting with our customer’s hot buttons and building our Win Themes on how we can address them, we zero in on exactly where the customer buying sweet spot is. And that’s how we make sure that our Win Themes are not overly corny or miss the mark. Winning proposals give the customer exactly what they want at the price they can afford, and the best way to make sure you hit that mark is to develop your Win Themes early and use the process to determine your Win Strategy.

If you’re interested in learning more about developing Win Themes, then check out our one-day Proposal Win Strategy and Win Themes Development class.

We also facilitate Win Themes Workshops during capture for our clients, so reach out if you would like to learn more about how we can help you win your next contract.

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