AI is a non-negotiable tool in Government contracting. Knowing how to effectively use AI saves time and money while significantly boosting your probability of winning (Pwin).

But you won’t maximize your efforts experimenting on your own. Our approach to embedding AI into business development processes provides at least a 30% increase in productivity, a 20% increase in win rates, and a 25% reduction in labor costs against your bid and proposal budget.

Embrace the future of Government contracting with our AI-enhanced Advanced Capture Management Class. This course goes beyond traditional capture management techniques, integrating cutting-edge AI tools and methodologies to provide a comprehensive, future-ready skill set. Participants will engage with content designed to optimize every aspect of the capture process, from initial opportunity identification to proposal submission, all through the lens of AI.

AI’s Role in Enhancing Capture Management

  • Customer Engagement and Intelligence Gathering: AI analyzes data from diverse sources to uncover insights, enabling tailored engagement strategies.
  • Win Strategy Development: AI assists in formulating win strategies by evaluating past contracts, competitor data, and client feedback.
  • Competitive Analysis: Enhance Black Hat sessions and competitor monitoring with AI for real-time strategic insights.
  • Teaming Arrangements: AI evaluates potential partners based on performance and project compatibility, ensuring a strong team composition.
  • Solution Development: AI suggests innovative solutions and simulates scenarios to assess their effectiveness.
  • Risk Analysis: Predict project risks through AI models to proactively mitigate potential issues in proposals.
  • Efficiency and Cost Reduction: AI automates routine tasks, allowing focus on strategic bid components and reducing capture process costs.

Course Highlights

Our experts, with firsthand experience in applying AI in real-world Government bids, impart actionable insights and strategies. This course equips you with:

  • Shortcut Strategies: Learn to use AI-driven shortcuts to streamline the bid preparation process, enhance your proposals, and improve your win rate.
  • AI-Driven Competitive Analysis: Gain deeper insights into competition and market trends with AI tools.
  • Win Strategy Workshops Enhanced by AI: Develop compelling win strategies using AI-generated data.
  • AI-Supported Solution Development: Refine your CONOPS with AI for a competitive proposal.

Take Your Place at the Forefront of Capture Management.

OST Global Solutions is a professional business development consulting firm. We have extensive experience in winning large, strategic bids. We can provide capture and proposal teams to develop a complete, winning proposal. Or we can provide consultants on a case-by-case basis to fill gaps on your business development team. Our services consist of team identification/negotiation, capture management, win strategy consulting, proposal management, pricing, color reviews, proposal writing, editing, and desktop publishing.

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Upcoming Bid & Proposal Academy Classes

Competitive Analysis: Black Hat & Price to Win (PTW) with AI Insights

OST Global Solutions 7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 560, Rockville, MD, United States

This training covers Black Hat and Price to Win (PTW) analyses that are the backbone of the competitive analysis, and are indispensable in the highly competitive world of winning Government proposals. Master the techniques for identifying competitors; using sources for quantitative and qualitative information; organizing Black Hat sessions; devising competitors’ approach; performing SWOT analysis; postulating competitors’ win strategies; following a disciplined PTW development process; performing labor rate analysis; and more.

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Proposal Theme Statements & Win Strategy Leveraging AI

OST Global Solutions 7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 560, Rockville, MD, United States

This training offers valuable skills in proposal win themes development as the most important element of persuasion. As a core component of win themes development, this course also covers win strategy development techniques indispensable in Government capture management. Learn the purpose of win themes, their types, and building blocks. Use them correctly at every stage of the capture and proposal process.

Foundations of Federal Business Development: Strategies with AI Integration

OST Global Solutions 7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 560, Rockville, MD, United States

This Government Business Development training offers essential skills in professional business development for Government contractors selling services and solutions to the Federal Government. The two-day course begins with an overview of the Federal business development (BD) process and what it takes to succeed in the profession. It proceeds to the basics of U.S. Government business.

Register Now $1,390.00