Ever struggle with ​how task orders can differ in format even on the same Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), or realize staff knowledge gaps slowed your ability to respond or just having difficulty staying organized with task orders?

OST’s Preparing Winning Multiple Award and Task Order Proposals course shows you how to win the right multiple award Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDV) and also win task orders on those vehicles. Multiple award IDVs that include IDIQ contracts, GSA schedules, and Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) pre-qualify limited groups of federal contractors so they can bid on follow-on task orders once selected. IDVs enable companies to grow quickly because they can win Task Orders within weeks, as opposed to winning single-award contracts that may take months or years.

The most common challenges include identifying the right opportunities and sorting through the noise. With task order triage and tracking, the decision process has to be quick, with only three questions to consider:

  • Is it a fit?
  • Can we compete?
  • Can we win?

Company size doesn’t matter with task order competitions. Everyone struggles – even large companies. What matters is how well-organized the company is and whether your team has a clear strategy in place.

You cannot manufacture more hours in a day, so you have to use time-saving measures. But sometimes pre-set templates and boilerplate may lead to non-compliance because of subtle differences between task order RFPs you may miss in a hurry (it’s been known to happen). Great systems and processes will always beat content pre-population or boilerplate.

Our training will show you how to win IDIQs against dozens, if not hundreds of competitors, and also assist you in preparing a competitive price proposal. Proposal Managers may learn about Task Orders with limited time to develop a compelling proposal and submit it. It’s critical to have a mature process in place since proposal deadlines and page counts keep shrinking while the competition gets even tougher, making it harder to win proposals even when you are the most qualified bidder.

Despite what popular opinion says, being too selective with task order bids is probably not the smartest tactic – early preparation enhances your chances, so if you aim better, you improve your odds. But, if you don’t bid, you won’t get an award.

Finally, bidding on IDIQs is critical – if you don’t get on the vehicle, you are guaranteed to be out of work with that agency in that scope area for sometimes up to 10 years.

Please join us for the next Preparing Winning Multiple Award and Task Order Proposals class on 9 to 10 June 2021. You may also want to check out our other upcoming courses in June:

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