Ah, back to the intense proposal season, when I am starting at 5 am and not done until midnight. There is always just too much to do, no matter how large is the team, and how well I delegate. Fast turn-around, page-limited proposals are quite a trend these days as they make it easier for the customer to evaluate, but they are a bear to write!

It is very interesting to observe the kind of progress a proposal makes between the kick-off and the pink team, and the pink team and the red team. Have you ever noticed a point at which the initial enthusiasm turns into worry that this proposal may never get there, and then almost by miracle, things start coming together?

It doesn’t matter how many times I have done it, and how rigorous is the process, there is the point where there are just too many pieces, and there are still too many knots to tie. It is important to remember not to panic. This does not panic mantra reminds me of Douglas Adams Hitchhikers’ guide to the galaxy, one of my favorite books that always makes me smile.

I am at this low proposal point right now, but I will charge forward knowing that we will be just fine if I continue leading the proposal team with the presence of mind and positive mindset, despite the exhaustion and doubt. The pieces will start fitting together any minute now. If you are out there in the proposal trenches doing the same thing, I am there with you in spirit!

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