For Government contractors in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), the evolving requirements of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 are a pivotal shift in how the Department of Defense (DoD) ensures the security and integrity of its supply chain. At the heart of this transformation lies the System Security Plan (SSP), a document that outlines your cybersecurity posture and secures your ability to retain and win new DoD contracts.

The CMMC certification process can take six to 18 months. Act now to ensure there are no disruptions to your DoD contracts.

OST, in partnership with the CMMC Consortium, is ready to guide you through every step. For detailed assistance on CMMC compliance, contact us at OST Global Solutions. Together, we can make your transition to CMMC smooth and successful.

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Why the SSP Demands Your Attention

Gateway to Compliance: The SSP is your entry point to CMMC compliance. Without a comprehensive SSP, achieving the necessary certification level to qualify for DoD contracts becomes an uphill battle. It’s the difference between bidding on new opportunities or being sidelined.

Defense Against Threats: In a landscape where cyber threats evolve daily, the SSP is your strategic defense plan. It outlines your proactive stance against potential vulnerabilities, safeguarding your data and that of the nation’s defense.

Competitive Advantage: A robust SSP signals to the DoD and prime contractors that your organization prioritizes cybersecurity. This commitment can distinguish your bid in a competitive field, making your offer stand out.

Operational Resilience: Beyond compliance, the SSP is a blueprint for resilience. It ensures that your cybersecurity measures are not just theoretical but practically implemented and ingrained in your daily operations. This resilience is critical for maintaining the continuity of your services to the DoD, even in the face of cyber-attacks.

Financial Implications: The cost of non-compliance—or inadequate compliance—extends beyond lost contracts. It encompasses potential breaches, data loss, and the reputational damage that could sideline your business indefinitely. Investing in a comprehensive SSP mitigates these risks, protecting your bottom line.

OST and the CMMC Consortium: Making SSP Your Strategic Asset

Understanding the importance of an SSP is just the beginning. Creating one that meets CMMC 2.0 requirements and positions your organization as a trusted DoD contractor requires expertise, experience, and the right partners. OST Global Solutions, in collaboration with the CMMC Consortium, will help you with every step of the process.

Our Partnership Offers:

  • Tailored SSP Development: We ensure your SSP meets current standards and is poised to adapt to future changes.
  • Technology at the Forefront: With access to cutting-edge tools and technologies, we streamline the SSP development process, making compliance more efficient and less burdensome on your resources.
  • Expert Navigation: Our team of cybersecurity and DoD experts guides you through the complexities of SSP preparation and CMMC certification, translating intricate requirements into actionable strategies.

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About CMMC Consortium

The CMMC Consortium includes half a dozen companies to support the increasing demand on the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) with the implementation of CMMC, which include: Penacity (C3PAO), Summit Business Technologies (RPO), Captiva Solutions (RPO), Technology Business Solutions (RPO), Ronathan (Tech Co.), Compass (Tech Co.), Atsign (Tech Co.), and Catapult BD. We are accredited professionals, subject matter experts, and thought leaders in the cybersecurity world, and we bring with significant DoD Expertise. Our RPO‘s & C3PAO’s are accredited by the Cyber AB and many are part of the Maryland Cybersecurity Sellers program that can help qualify for the tax credit.

In 2023 our Consortium expanded to include strategic partners like Americas SBDC’s, Economic Development Authorities, MBDA’s, APEX’s, Large Primes and others across the country.  We are based in the Washington DC Metro region but service across the U.S. to Hawaii and as far as Guam.

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