The General Services Administration (GSA) held a virtual industry day last week for its One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services “+” (OASIS+) contract vehicle, walking potential bidders through the latest draft Request for Proposals (RFP) and indicating that the final solicitation will be issued on or about March 30.

“We heard your feedback along the way, and it’s reflected in the acquisition strategies decisions we’ve made and have adjusted along the way,” said Adam Soderholm, program sponsor of OASIS+. “We especially heard you that you want to see a draft that is really close to final so you can prepare appropriately, and that is what we have delivered with draft number two last week.”

The slides from GSA’s March 15 virtual industry are available here. The video of the presentation can be found here.

OASIS+ is a Best-In-Class (BIC) Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Multiple Award (MA) professional services contract that is valued at more than $60 Billion and has no contract ceiling. GSA plans to release a Final RFP for OASIS+ as soon as this spring. The agency has received more than 2,200 questions and over 700 survey responses from industry members so far about OASIS+, one of the largest and most valuable contracts expected in the next decade. Comments on this second draft RFP are due March 29.

GSA will not limit the number of awards; all bidders who qualify will receive an award. Pricing will not be evaluated at the IDIQ level and will be required at the Task Order Level. OASIS+ has a 10-year period of performance.

Since the final version of the RFP is unlikely to change much from the draft currently available, interested bidders should start their proposal process now. It’s time to bolster your writing and color review teams and prepare a schedule to ensure there’s no last-minute rush to finish. GSA has told bidders to prepare, so the proposal turnaround time is likely to be tight.

OST can help with your entire proposal process or help you bolster your team for the sprints. Reach out to schedule a call, and we can discuss how we can help.

GSA to Assign Primary NAICS Codes

During the industry day presentation, GSA sought to clarify one of the larger changes in the second RFP draft compared with the first RFP draft. For administration purposes, GSA will assign a Single NAICS (541990) code. For Small Business contracts, GSA will assign a Primary NAICS code based on the largest size standard within its awarded Domain(s). While the Primary NAICS will be reflected in each contract, Contract Holders’ eligibility are not limited to responding to Task Order RFPs or performing work outside the NAICS assigned to their contract as the Primary NAICS. Contract Holders will be eligible to compete within all awarded Domain CLINS. Once the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) is able to accommodate multiple NAICS, a Mass Modification to all awarded contracts will be executed to assign all applicable NAICS within FPDS; however, all awarded NAICS will be included in each awarded contract document.

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