Proposal Color Reviews Expectations Pink TeamTraditional proposal management employs a color review process. This series of articles will explore how the reviews figure in the whole proposal management process, and explore the expectations for each review type. After all, it is not the color of the review that matters – it is the natural deadline of a review, and the quality of the reviewers’ output that propels proposal authors forward.

The Pink Team is normally the review of the first proposal draft. For many companies, it may be a review of storyboards, if storyboards are the method they use for proposal development.

Proposal managers should tailor review expectations, because every proposal is different. It is always good to have a starting list, however. Our starting point with Pink Team expectations includes the following metrics:

  • The outline is solid and can be “frozen.”
  • The draft is fully compliant with the RFP.
  • The proposal is 60 percent ready for submission – with all the key content there in a rough form.
  • Although it might be imperfect presentation, all the key content and graphics concepts are there.
  • Technical and management approaches are clearly formed.
  • The resume template is compliant.
  • The past performance template is compliant.
  • The story of why you should be awarded the contract is there: There are great ideas and clear themes that show what makes this offer better, faster, cheaper, and less risky.
  • There are sufficient inputs to decide the following:

– Is this the right corporate experience for the whole team?

– Are the right key and supporting personnel proposed?

– Are these the right past performance references?

It is important to note that misspellings, page count problems, art numbers out of sequence, and faulty grammar are normal at a Pink Team stage and should be ignored.

You can also include specific questions to the reviewers about things you would like them to look or check for and give them the list of win themes they need to find reflected in the draft. Especially for larger volumes, ask your reviewers to review that portion of the content that coincides with their subject matter expertise. Usually, the Pink Team takes place at the 40 percent time mark relative to the overall proposal duration. If the proposal duration is more than 45 days, writers can rest on the review day, and only listen to a debriefing of the review results.

Are your Pink Team expectations any different? Do your proposals usually live up to these expectations? Please, share your experience with us.

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