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Dominate Your Competition And Win More Task Orders

Despite IDIQs being a way for the Government to reduce open competition and for contractors to maximize win probability, many companies fail to benefit from IDIQs. Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

  • A prime spends a pretty penny to win the IDIQ vehicle, and then either doesn’t win anything or wins too little to justify all the effort and expense… all the while watching its competitors’ exponential growth.
  • A sub on an IDIQ is excited to be part of a team, but later finds themselves in a reactive mode. They receive from the prime a trickle of task order requests they can respond to, but their success rate is low because they are way too late to prepare a winning proposal. Sometimes they don’t hear from the prime for months at a time.

Are you prepared to do what it takes to not only win a Task Order or two, but to become a number one contractor on each IDIQ you hold? Would you like to get all the business that you possibly could, to dominate the competition, regardless of whether you are a sub or a prime? If so, it might be highly beneficial for you and/or your colleagues to attend our upcoming class that shows you the roadmap to master IDIQs and task orders – with all the details including process charts and tools. Check out our Bid & Proposal Academy schedule at

Article 2

Minority Contracts Threatened as U.S. Court Limits Preferences

By Alex Brown at OST Global Solutions, Inc.

Today, my inbox had an article that I simply did not expect. Bloomberg analysts (Nick Taborek, Kathleen Miller and Danielle Ivory) wrote an article about a court case filed in 1995 involving DynaLantic Corporation, a company that makes flight simulators and other military training equipment. DynaLantic contested a Navy plan to award a contract for a flight simulator through the preference program. Seventeen years later, on August 15th of this year, a ruling barred the Pentagon from favoring a disadvantaged company for work on military simulators. This clearly sets an important precedent. Joe Hornyak of Holland & Knight LLP stated, “For the first time, a federal court is declaring an important program unconstitutional as applied to certain types of procurements.”

How does this affect small disadvantaged businesses? Essentially, companies ineligible for a program may seek to overturn awards by filing lawsuits. The Pentagon is on record saying that it is too early to say whether this will affect its policies. While it is true that this was a specific case for specific products and services, there is nothing in this case that limits the decision from moving to other lines of business and federal agencies. As in the old fable, you cannot close Pandora’s box once it is open.

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