The Department of the Air Force is expected to respond in the coming days to comments and questions from the industry in reference to the Architecture, Engineering, and Integration (AE&I) draft PWS released on March 10.

The draft PWS is one segment of the $10-billion Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Vehicle (IDIQ) contract from the Mission Partner Command and Control (C2) and Intelligence SharinUS Airg Capabilities. The three other pillars of the opportunity are: Operations, Maintenance, and Sustainment (OM&S), Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), and Transformative Effort.

The Air Force announced on June 6 that AE&I questions and responses were anticipated to be posted between June 13 and June 17. The Government aims to issue a revised draft PWS and seek feedback before releasing the final RFP, expected as early as October 2022.

The upcoming MPE contract will consist of two levels of operation characterized by the information and data exchange requirements of the mission and anticipated partners. The Enterprise MPE includes the U.S. Government; state, local, tribal, and territorial governments; and foreign partners. And the Expeditionary MPE includes multinational treaty organizations, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations (NGO).

The MPE will provide enterprise-level, worldwide interoperable Command, Control, and Intelligence (C2I) information-sharing capabilities across the four pillars.

The Secretary of the Air Force Concepts, Development, and Management Office (SAF/CDM) issued a caution/reminder in March to potential bidders:

  1. SAF/CDM is aware of reinvigorated Industry efforts to obtain information and insight from various personnel and organizations. These attempts include requested meetings with individuals of influence and recommending solutions to meet perceived needs for a requirement that is not yet fully defined. These actions are counterproductive to competition and the acquisition process and only delay our ability to get the final acquisition package out to Industry.
  2. Our Mission Partners (MP), to include Combatant Commands (CCMD), Services and Agencies (CC/S/A), other Departments, and our foreign MP work directly with the Mission Partner Capabilities Office (MPCO) in SAF/CDM to fulfill MPE mission needs and address requirements. The Acquisition Team is working diligently to provide pertinent documentation to Interested Parties and obtain Industry’s comments and feedback regarding the acquisition. Answering/addressing individual requests will only slow this process and hinder the timely release and dissemination of documentation and information.
  3. Furthermore, the Government is committed to leveling the playing field by avoiding unfair access and minimizing the competitive advantage of one party over another. Inappropriately seeking/gaining pre-solicitation information could disqualify potential bidders from participation.
  4. In the interest of all concerned, please continue to monitor the status on and work directly with our COs. Notice ID for MPE acquisition is CDM-2020-1 when accessing If you use an older link to access the opportunity, be sure to click on the blue notice that appears immediately under the heading to view all the latest updates. We have advised our MPs/stakeholders of the above and asked that they also direct Interested Parties to the POCs listed on

The Government will issue a separate notice to manage all AE&I pillar-related correspondence.

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