The General Service Administration’s (GSA’s) released the long-awaited OASIS+ (One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services – Plus) professional services vehicle last week. This is a follow-on to the GSA’s OASIS, a family of multiple-award Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contracts for non-information technology services. It is a massive contract with no set ceiling and no limit on the number of awards. OASIS+ consolidates three other GSA vehicles with a combined $133.7 billion ceiling — the first OASIS; Human Capital and Training Solutions; and the Building, Maintenance, and Operations contracts.

All bidders who qualify will receive an award, so offerors must ensure they have a high-score AND accurate, actionable pricing. Our pricing professionals at OST Global Solutions can help you optimize your pricing, saving you time and resources.

Tailoring Your Pricing for OASIS+

Our pricing experts bring a thorough understanding of the OASIS+ to your proposal process. We offer a dynamic pricing model, letting you consider the direct labor range provided by the Government, current Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, your Market Salary Survey data, and your organization’s internal data to make informed pricing decisions. It is crucial to have a well-thought-out pricing strategy instead of settling for the easiest path, as this could limit your capabilities on future task orders.

Highlights of our pricing support:

  • Direct Labor: The BLS data used by the Government to determine labor rate ranges may be far too low to reflect the current market for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). For clients looking to propose direct labor rates above the ‘high’ end of the direct labor rate range provided in Attachment J.P-8, our team will help you build a robust rationale and supporting documentation to validate your rates, ensuring eligibility for award. Savvy offerors will aim to bid above the Government’s range with strong supporting data.
  • Indirect Rates: We can guide clients without a current approved FPRA, FPRR, or PBR in preparing their Basis of Estimate as per Section L. to ensure “reasonable” indirect rates are proposed.
  • Profit/Fee and Escalation: Be aware that the Government has asserted a 7.5% profit/fee and a 4.15% direct labor escalation for the development of the sole source T&M ceiling rates.

Why OST Global Solutions?

At OST, we have seasoned professionals who understand the nuances of Government contracts and price proposals. We will not let you settle for winning contract vehicles with low rates that you can’t use and risk wasting your resources.

Beyond pricing, OST also offers:

  • Proposal Writing Expertise: We understand the GSA’s requirements and can help you craft a winning proposal that addresses all aspects of the RFP.
  • In-depth Analysis: We dive into the RFP, understanding the specific needs and criteria, ensuring your proposal aligns with the GSA’s expectations.
  • End-to-End Support: From the pre-proposal stage to the final submission, our team is with you every step of the way.

Ready to make the most of the OASIS+ opportunity? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation on how OST Global Solutions can guide your path to a winning bid.

OASIS + Timeline and Key Dates

June 19: Q&A opens. Company Assets can be updated.
June 26: Proposal building begins. Live scoring becomes available.
July 6: Deadline for question submission. All questions must be submitted via the OSP.
July 15: Full functionality opens. Price proposals can be built and offers can be submitted.
September 13: Proposals due

OST Global Solutions is a professional business development consulting firm. We have experience supporting large, strategic bids like OASIS+. We can provide capture and proposal teams to develop a complete, winning proposal. Or we can provide consultants on a case-by-case basis to fill gaps on your business development team. Our services related to OASIS+ consist of capture management, team identification/negotiation, proposal management, proposal writing, editing, and desktop publishing.

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