The General Services Administration (GSA) has issued a draft Statement of Work/Section C to its Best-in-Class Multiple Award Contract (BIC MAC) to replace GSA’s One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Contract. OASIS has been one of GSA’s most successful vehicles, accounting for $35 billion in obligations.

GSA’s plans to organize the Services MAC contract program by Domains — functional groupings of services spanning multiple NAICS codes. This update involves the initial Domains that will be solicited, as the agency plans to award Domains in phases. The first Domains GSA plans to award include:

  • Management and Advisory
  • Technical and Engineering
  • Research and Development
  • Intelligence Services
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Environmental Services
  • Facilities
  • Logistics

Additional Domains will be prioritized and introduced by GSA “in close coordination with stakeholders and supported by market research,” according to the agency’s latest update.

GSA will be releasing additional draft sections of the Request for Proposals (RFP) in the coming months and seeking feedback from industry on how to shape the RFP.

GSA will prioritize and add new Domains based on data-informed assessments of need (e.g., gaps in existing BIC solutions, anticipated demand changes, emerging administration directives, etc.). Future Domains will be introduced in close coordination with stakeholders and supported by market research.

Additional highlights of the update include:

  • OASIS ordering period will sunset in 2024. The next services IDIQ contract will build on the strengths of OASIS while addressing customer needs that have not been adequately met by the contract.
  • Historic spend on services makes it necessary to execute a Domain release prioritization plan that reflects anticipated spend based on market research.
  • Availability of existing Best-in-Class IDIQs, such as HCaTS, which recently exercised its option, makes it unnecessary to duplicate services it provides early on in the new services contract’s lifecycles.
  • Demand for complex services is expected to increase over time based on market research, which will inform the prioritization of Domains according to the findings.
  • The administration’s priorities will inform decisions we make about these Domains.

For additional details on the latest news on BIC MAC, visit the GSA Interact page dedicated to the contract.

To prepare for BIC MAC to replace OASIS, companies should stay informed of any updates by receiving notices of any draft RFPs. This new IDIQ will likely require companies to have a Cyber Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) at the task order level, so it would be prudent for firms to obtain that certification now in case it is required for a BIC MAC award.

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