Go beyond mere compliance and learn to write compelling proposal content in half the time it typically takes. This course covers compliance but focuses on how to incorporate the correct writing process and persuasive writing in the proposal. This training covers detailed methods for outlining fully-compliant proposal sections, brainstorming effectively (both individually and as a group) to develop content, infusing proper structure and flow into your proposal sections, and implementing the correct writing processes and planning techniques.

We cover the science of persuasion and how to use writing to create a mental picture in Government evaluators’ minds. We will teach you how to incorporate different types of stories to make a dry proposal come alive. The class covers the differences between good and bad proposal language and detailed self-editing techniques, including editing automation.

You will learn how to write better and faster and overcome pesky writer’s block. You will improve proposal readability and practice speed writing in class using tools many proposal writers don’t know. This class is also excellent for project personnel or subject matter experts who participate in proposals and want to become improve their proposal-writing skills.

This workshop is 40 percent lecture, 50 percent exercises, and 10 percent discussion.

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