The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released the third draft of the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Program Management, Administrative, Clerical, and Technical Services (PACTS) III opportunity. The agency has also announced an upcoming virtual industry day.

The third Draft RFP only covers one of the three Functional Categories (FCs) of the PACTS III solicitation, but DHS notes that the final solicitation will look similar for the other two FCs.

Upcoming PACTS III Industry Day

Mark your calendars for November 9, 2023, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm EST. The Industry Day will be conducted via Microsoft Teams Live. This is your opportunity to get insights directly from the Government and clarify any queries regarding the third draft RFP. Join the Industry Day here. To participate, copy and paste the link below to your browser.

The upcoming PACTS III Industry Day will be recorded, with the recording made available on for those who cannot attend in real time. During the event, there will be a dedicated segment where the Government addresses questions related to the third PACTS III draft RFP, answering as many as possible within the allotted time. Additionally, the Government is actively preparing responses to queries from the second PACTS III draft RFP, with a commitment to release these answers on by November 9, 2023.

Major Changes in the Third Draft RFP & Their Implications:

Evaluation Criteria: Proposals will now be evaluated based on Functional Category, socioeconomic track, and type of Offeror. This segmented approach means bidders need to align their proposals more strategically with the specific category and track they fit into.

Clarification on Project Relevance: DHS wants to ensure that a significant portion of the projects presented for consideration come from entities that have specific socioeconomic qualifications or from key players in various business relationships.

DHS clarified that any members of your small business teaming arrangement can submit projects for points under PACTS III provided they performed as the prime.

However, DHS now requires that 40% of projects verified must have been performed by the partner(s) of the joint venture that possess the socioeconomic status associated with the track the Offeror is proposing; Prime Contractor of a Prime/Subcontractor relationship; or the protégé in a Mentor-Protégé relationship.

Additional Points for Management: If you’re leading a team (either as a Joint Venture or Prime/Subcontractor) for the PACTS III bid and you can prove that you have successfully managed similarly sized or larger teams on past projects, you can earn additional points.

Proposal Submission Platform: DHS will use the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) suite for proposal submission and retrieval.

How OST Can Assist You:

As you gear up for the PACTS III opportunity, OST is here to provide you with comprehensive support:

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