Task Order Manual Template




One of the crucial strategic elements companies miss is having a Task Order Manual with vital information on IDIQ patterns and processes the entire team can follow, to stay organized and moving in the same direction. The power of focus and knowledge distinguishes winners from the rest. Not having a Task Order Manual leads to lack of organization and leadership after an IDIQ award—no one on the IDIQ Team knows how to prepare for Task Orders, how to react quickly in order to bid, and how to go about winning. It leads to loss of momentum, skepticism, and lack of support from the team. Task Order responses barely make the deadline because companies learn about the majority of Task Order RFPs as they are released, instead of having a list of upcoming Task Orders with win strategies for the critical ones. Lack of planning and preparation lead to throwing hastily written proposals over the wall, with low win probability (Pwin).
A well-written Task Order Manual for an IDIQ vehicle can work wonders. It is a living document that contains all the most important information and strategies for your IDIQ, including procedures on how you assign Task Order work, how Task Orders get evaluated, what presentation approaches will win for this particular customer, where to find all the important data for this IDIQ, and other vital information. The Task Order Manual encapsulates all the operational rules, puts the whole team on the same page, and sets the foundation for the IDIQ winning machine. It answers some important questions, such as:

  • What are the IDIQ patterns, so that you can crack the code of each contracting
  • Vehicle you are on and win repeatedly?
  • How will your teammates be allowed to interact with the Government customer?
  • Can they talk with the customer directly or do they have to go through you?
  • What if they send a message about your team that is contrary to your strategy?
  • Can they bring work to the vehicle by talking directly to the customer?
  • How will you deal with frenemy companies, i.e. your non-exclusive subs?

What are the marketing rules of engagement your teammates will abide by when talking to the customer, and how do you create a unified customer message?

What processes will your team follow for business development, capture, and proposal development in an environment where it is hard to talk to the customer, and you don’t find out much until a Task Order request for proposal drops?
How will everyone stay organized and know what to do when time is of the essence?
We have developed a Task Order Manual Template to help you dominate your IDIQ competition. This is a 52-page, detailed document that not only provides the format and the words to put in your own Task Order Manual, but also gives directions on how to tailor it further to your needs. It offers insights into best practices in winning Task Orders, provides examples, and explores various scenarios to make it fit different IDIQ vehicles you may encounter.
It took us countless hours to develop this Manual, and it encapsulates years of lessons learned from those who have built winning IDIQ machines and closely watched the top Government contractors’ best practices. It will save you time and learning through mistakes, and will help win millions of dollars in Task Orders.
Download it instantly in electronic format so that you can start tailoring it right away on your IDIQs, to organize your work and maximize your Team’s Pwin for Task Orders.