A 2-day capture course that covers six steps of OST’s lean but highly effective Capture Process, with exact “how-to” techniques to position to you win proposals in advance of RFP issuance. This course encapsulates not only basic but also advanced techniques for customer engagement, intelligence gathering, win strategy development, competitive analysis, teaming, and solution development, including price to win.

How is This Course Different?

  • Many capture courses cover the basics of capture and top-level process. Although they give you some basic vocabulary and top-level understanding of capture, they fail to prepare you for the day-to-day work in the “trenches” of capture, facing the realities of leading pursuits with limited resources. Also, most courses focus on why and what you have to do, but not the how. This course will arm you with real knowledge and tools that you can apply immediately.
  • Most courses out there do not come with a manual. They just hand you a copy of the slides as your leave them behind. Even those that provide you a manual don’t give you the framework of checklists and processes that you can reference later on and apply. With our course, you will not only get a copy of the slides but also our detailed manual with checklists, templates, examples, and text explaining everything – so that years later you can reference the material and remember the nuances taught in class.
  • This course’s instructor is a currently practicing capture and proposal manager, and not a professional trainer who knows the theory but hasn’t practiced for years. She will focus on today’s acquisition realities, and your current dilemmas – rather than recalling what was true a decade ago.
  • Unlike most courses, this course is limited to only 20 attendees, so you will get plenty of individual attention, live interaction, and answers to your questions.

To find out more, including the curriculum, and register, go to https://www.ostglobalsolutions.com/class/advanced-capture-management/.

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